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Looking into 2015 with the PC Hire Network

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Sounds so futuristic, doesn’t it? It is officially the year that Marty McFly travels forward to in Back to the Future Part 2, so it’s fair to say 2015 IS the future. Is it what you expected? Hmm…

While you might not have your own personal flying car or self-drying clothes quite yet – Rest assured you do have a future proofed way of hiring the latest PCs for your event or party at The PC Hire Network! We love the future!

After a fantastic 2014 supplying to Rezzed, EGX and Gamescom 2014 to name but a few we have some fantastic plans for the coming year…

Right off the bat: Screen hire. As well as top end PCs, we now have expanded our hire kit to HD 1080p screens of various sizes. Have a look here: PC hire Screens

We also have plans for a twitch channel, a wider range of services, more kit – more of everything in fact! We have also started our own Twitter page, so make sure to follow us (@PC_Hire_Network) for the latest news, money off codes and giveaways.

Speaking of giveaways, as a new year treat we want to give you 15% off any order with us up until the end of February, Just quote ‘IT IS THE FUTURE’ in your email enquiry to us and we’ll do the rest. Simple!

Lots of love,

The PC Hire Network

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